The Cell Suppression Theory:
A New Perspective on Cancer

Offering renewed hope, and the possibility of enhanced survival for all cancer patients.

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Dave Asprey - Mark Lintern PodcastDave Asprey - Mark Lintern Podcast
Dave Asprey - Human Upgrade Podcast - Mark LinternDave Asprey - Human Upgrade Podcast - Mark Lintern


Dave Asprey's
Human Upgrade Podcast
with Mark Lintern

This is Mark's first major podcast. Here he delves deep into the concepts of the cell suppression theory with Dave Asprey, and how he came to write the theory.

Cancer Breakthroughs SUMMIT 2.0Cancer Breakthroughs SUMMIT 2.0


Mark takes part in this prestigious Dr TALKS platform with other leading experts in the cancer field. This summit is a must see for all cancer patients, offering a wealth of knowledge, from pioneers in the cancer field.

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Theory Endorsements

Jordan Peterson - Dr Adeel Khan

Dr Adeel Khan mentions Mark's Cell Suppression Theory on Jordan Peterson's podcast

Dr Robert Verkerk comments on Mark's Cancer Through Another Lens Event

Dr Robert Verkerk PhD

Patricia Peat interview

Oncology nurse Patricia Peat interviews Mark for the Metabolic Flexibility conference in 2023

Mark and Yes to Life make history

Excerpts taken from Mark's Cancer Through Another Lens event where he presented his theory to scientists in a live debate. Purchase Mark's theory presentations here

The Cancer Resolution? Book AwardThe Cancer Resolution? Book Award

Literary Award

Best Indie Book Award WINNER - Mark LinternBest Indie Book Award WINNER - Mark Lintern

***** WINNER *****
November 2023

Best Independent Book Award
Non-Fiction - Health

Your survival depends almost entirely upon which theory of cancer you subscribe to

After a cancer diagnosis the last thing on most people's mind will be to research different theories of cancer.

So why am I urging you to spend your precious time delving into cancer theory?

I'll be blunt and straight to the point: studying cancer theory is the key to surviving cancer. While many oncologists state with absolute certainty that cancer is genetic in origin, the DNA Theory they subscribe to remains unproven. In fact, it fails to explain most of the disease. The public are generally unaware that the underlying cause of cancer is actually unknown.

This is confirmed by the fact there are at least 7 separate cancer theories competing to be the first to identify the origin of the disease and the mechanism driving it. Not only does this underscore the danger in trusting the mainstream therapeutic approach, but it highlights that there are other treatment options available.

For example: the Metabolic Theory confirms the defining role played by mitochondria and abnormal metabolism in cancer. It emphasises the need to target metabolic pathways that can starve cancer of the fuel it requires to prolifertate - an approach that most oncologists who subscribe to the DNA Theory, do not offer to patients.

And here's the critical point to acknowledge: The latest data indicates that the DNA Theory that underpins the treatments offered by most mainstream oncologists, is actually incorrect. Meaning, that treatments targeting the genetics of cancer are likely to be largely ineffective, a reality confirmed by the latest data, and lack of a cure.

While it's shocking to contemplate that this is the current reality, becoming educated about cancer theory offers...

...patients hope, not least by highlighting the shortcomings of mainstream treatments, allowing us to side-step them; but by also highlighting that if we target certain mechanisms and pathways, and adopt particular lifestyle changes, we can positively impact our overall survival.

To take this one step further. The theory I have written adds a new dimension to the Metabolic Theory by identifying a previously unconsidered factor capable of triggering abnormal metabolism and of driving all of the subsequent conditions associated with the disease. By taking the time to understand the Cell Suppression Theory, you'll become aware of the additional approach to treatment that my research indicates has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment, and improve your survival prospects. Not only does this additional treatment approach compliment  conventional- and metabolic-based therapies, but it is an approach you can apply now.

In essence, mainstream cancer scientists are struggling to make sense of the disease and develop effective therapuetics using a theory that appears to be incorrect. This is an unfortunate reality that's reflected in the poor outcomes associated with Standard of Care treatments.

As cancer theory forms the foundational framework that guides the development of treatments, and as the vast majority of oncologists have likely misinterpreted the origin of the disease, the responsibility for engineering your recovery from cancer falls on your shoulders. Taking the time to understand cancer theory, therefore, is not only necessary to identify an effective therapeutic approach, but is a prerequisite for your continued survival.

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Cell Suppression Theory - SYNOPSIS - Mark LinternCell Suppression Theory - SYNOPSIS - Mark Lintern

With 600 pages distilled into 9, including graphics and references, Mark's theory synopsis is the quickest way to grasp the core concepts behind his revolutionary new interpretation of cancer.

Download and share this PDF with your oncologist, friends and family. It will encourage a deeper understanding, enabling a greater conversation surrounding the potential cause of the disease and any additional therapeutic options that may be of benefit to you.

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