"Mark has done a phenomenal job at exploring the concepts and theories of how cancer can emerge within a patient and shines a light on the idea that one of those causes may be a microorganism.

During eight years of meticulous research, I stumbled upon a pivotal revelation that enabled me to redefine the fundamental origins of cancer. With this newfound insight, I formulated a groundbreaking theory of cancer, the first of its kind, offering a comprehensive explanation of all the disease's key hallmarks. Beyond challenging the established paradigm and revealing potential misdirection in mainstream treatments, this new theory offers additional therapeutic strategies with the potential to significantly enhance patient survival.

On 12th February 2023 I presented this new theory to a panel of 10 cancer experts (4 scientists, 3 clinicians and 3 patient experts) who were poised to critically analyse my research in front of a live audience of over 200 medical professionals! The online event was organised and hosted by the cancer charity Yes to Life and was called 'Cancer Through Another Lens'.

Both the expert panel and audience voted overwhelmingly to validate my theory and recognise that I'd developed a new interpretation of cancer worthy of further investigation.

This favourable sentiment is reflected in the video recording taken from the event, which can be found on this website's home page.

The Cell Suppression Theory - as it is now known - proposes that cancer is caused by certain opportunistic pathogens that intentionally suppress key pathways in the cells they invade, in order to thrive within damaged tissue. This is in stark contrast to the mainstream hypothesis that cancer is a result of our cells becoming damaged and then choosing to fight against us - this doesn't make sense given my 8 years of extensive research.

Accumulative evidence indicates that, rather than our cells working against us, they are overwhelmed by our toxic lifestyles and are unable to deal with the parasitic pathogens that have taken up residence within chronically inflammed tissue.

You can view all three of Mark's ground-breaking presentations as they were presented to the panel of experts on the day of this landmark cancer event. Simply click the button to your right. Narrated by Mark himself, these presentations will bring you up to speed with the evidence that supports his revolutionary thinking.

Dr Sean Devlin

History in the making - Cancer Through Another Lens

The remarkable online event that led to the validation of Mark's Cell Suppression Theory